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System Analysis, Design & Implementation

We work together with customers in a range of business areas to continuously evolve development methods to meet specific industry challenges. Our commitment to open standards ensures that organizations benefit from flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to accommodate specific requirements or processes. Our consultants are skilled communicators with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of best practices in real-time, advanced software development and systems engineering. Together with our customers we carefully collect requirements and develop comprehensive programs that can be effectively implemented and easily managed in collaboration with the project team. Our goal is to ensure our customers deliver to the required quality in the desired timeframe. It is this unique approach and a real commitment to quality and service that sets us apart and ensures that more companies are choosing AVAN Technologies for their software and systems engineering solutions.

To ensure the quality at all stages of development, we adopt the following methodogy

Project startup

Every project is initiated when the contract is signed by the customer. From this point, the responsibility of the project will be taken fully by the assigned project manager, who normally was the one prepared the proposal for this particular customer in the earlier stage. The beginning of a project lays the groundwork for the rest of the project.

The purpose of this phase is to set the framework for the project, which involves:

• Selecting a methodology

• Identifying goals and objectives

• Defining success measures

• Establishing project scope

• Selecting a project team

• Securing sponsorship

Business Prototype & Requirement

One of the less visible, but nonetheless important aspects of a good software engineering process is the requirement documentation and verification. The only way to ensure that a system satisfies its requirements is to develop and apply a mechanism to track requirement compliance from system inception through final delivery and system maintenance.

The key points in the requirement phase are:

• Communicate with customer

• Clarify the requirement further

• Requirement change management

Analysis & Design

A complete design includes identification of:

• Modules

• Units

• Data elements

• Communications

• Messages

• Data structure

Development, Testing and Implementation

Implementation is to use the design document to produce code. It is a core process workflow in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to implement and unit test of the code.

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive acceptance of industry leading quality practice allows us to deliver extraordinary quality and service with utmost cost efficiency.