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Content Management Service Integration

Information architecture is the foundation of the navigation in a good website. It is essentially dictates how your website will be used and acts as a blueprint of content. Website content is composed of various structural elements that are used to inform customers about the website they are visiting. Content can be made up of text, images, and links to documents or other websites. Ideally, information should be broken up into 'chunks' that present a single idea or concept.

Considerations when developing content may include:

• Who is the primary audience?

• How will they access the information?

• What information do they require?

• What are the expected outcomes?

• What supporting information might they require?

• How will they use the information?

• How will they interact with the system?

Answering these questions will result in a clear statement of the end customer's requirements and the presentation of the content on the site. To govern the development and delivery of this wide range of content, we uses a proprietary methodology that combines industry-accepted instructional design practices with a rigorous project management focus. This methodology provides the framework upon which all content development is based. It is supported with defined processes, tools, and templates that allow delivery in a standardized and efficient way, as well as the flexibility to meet specific customer business requirements and individual learner needs.

Our Content Development Methodology

Identify Your Needs

To ensure that your business needs, our content development team collaborates with you to understand the business drivers and the key issues within your organization. Through structured interviews, questionnaires, and discussion sessions, our team defines the desired performance outcomes that will address your business needs. Once these outcomes are clearly defined, we turn our attention to the next step

Design Content Layout

Based on our knowledge of your requirements, we prepare straw models for use during one or more design sessions. During these sessions, our subject matter experts (SMEs) and our instructional design team develop a design blueprint for your website content that serves as the basis for a detailed design document that includes overall instructional strategies that will be used, delivery methods that will be most effective.

Develop Website Content

Once the design blueprint is finalized and approved, our team develops a prototype module that will allow you to quickly see and approve a portion of the final product. After you approve the prototype, our team begins developing content road maps and storyboards for all components, including any media elements. Final development includes creating soft copy of website content.

Deliver Website Content

Once all materials are in their final approved state, the learning materials are ready for publishing via the Web. Other launch activities may include executive communication, change management initiatives, and a variety of promotional activities.

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